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Ethernet Tag Team – SmallProtos

Or: How to double throughput on an ethernet cable. This trick could come in handy if you find yourself in a position of needing to run another 100 Mb/Sec ethernet cable alongside an existing one. As an example, I found myself needing another 100 Mbit cable in my house when reconfiguring my home network when […]


3D Printer Schlieren Video

This is an example of Schlieren photography which is a kind of photography that enhances visibility of small differences in the index of refraction (of air in this case though it can be applied to other fluids). The heated platform and heated extruder are providing the heat which is further stirred by the air from […]


Oops! Expensive STL file problem.

I probably said something besides oops at the time I had submitted an STL file to one of the 3D printing rapid prototyping services online, and had not checked the STL file that my CAD software had output. What I had intended was to make an array of parts interconnected by some webbing so they […]