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Makerbot Replicator 2X: Review and Improvements

I’ve been a fan of 3D printing for years. A few years ago I bought my first 3D printer, the UP! printer from (made by Delta Micro Factory in China). The UP! printer had gained a reputation for simplicity and easily achievable high quality prints. I was not disappointed at all with the UP! […]


3D Printer Schlieren Video

This is an example of Schlieren photography which is a kind of photography that enhances visibility of small differences in the index of refraction (of air in this case though it can be applied to other fluids). The heated platform and heated extruder are providing the heat which is further stirred by the air from […]


ABS of goop – Making liquid ABS Plastic

One of the problems with 3D printing that has plagued mankind since… the beginning of 3D printing … is warping of the part while it’s being printed. Unfortunately, the ABS plastic material that is used in printers that use FDM technology is pretty susceptible to significant warping causing many a hunk of plastic to be […]