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CNC Vacuum Plate Pt 3

Today I’ll show the first test of the CNC vacuum plate, but first we’ve got a little bit of work left to do to make the top part. You may recall that I likened it to an air hockey table, but instead of forcing air out of the holes, we’ll draw air down through the […]


CNC Vacuum Plate Pt 2

Let’s move on to the next part of building the CNC vacuum plate: machining the base. You may recall from the last post that the base was to be machined from a 1 inch thick piece of cast acrylic material. The base will have channels that allow air to be drawn through a top plate […]


Building a vacuum plate for PCB routing

One of the fun things I’ve been using my desktop CNC machine for is to make printed circuit boards using the isolation routing technique, where essentially you start with a copper clad board and remove material from it to isolate areas of copper to make pads, traces, etc. Once I had the initial setup done […]