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Oops! Expensive STL file problem.

I probably said something besides oops at the time I had submitted an STL file to one of the 3D printing rapid prototyping services online, and had not checked the STL file that my CAD software had output. What I had intended was to make an array of parts interconnected by some webbing so they […]


Solidworks: 3D Printing threaded holes

When designing 3D models in Solidworks with the intent of fastening with machine screws, you might not think of directly modeling machined threads into your design. If your threads are coarse enough though, it may work better than modeling a hole with no threads since you won’t have to use a nut or threaded insert […]


ABS of goop – Making liquid ABS Plastic

One of the problems with 3D printing that has plagued mankind since… the beginning of 3D printing … is warping of the part while it’s being printed. Unfortunately, the ABS plastic material that is used in printers that use FDM technology is pretty susceptible to significant warping causing many a hunk of plastic to be […]