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Building a vacuum plate for PCB routing

One of the fun things I’ve been using my desktop CNC machine for is to make printed circuit boards using the isolation routing technique, where essentially you start with a copper clad board and remove material from it to isolate areas of copper to make pads, traces, etc. Once I had the initial setup done […]


PCB Isolation routing

One of the first things I did upon getting a desktop CNC machine was to research software that would allow me to route and drill PCB’s (printed circuit boards) without the mess of chemicals. Printed circuit boards don’t necessarily have to be expensive to buy from a good board house. In fact I’ve seen them […]


CNC Control software

Having just looked at the physical CNC controller in the previous post, let’s have a quick look at some CNC control software. This software has the job of reading the CNC codes (“g-codes”), interpreting that data, and sending the appropriate signals to the CNC controller. The development of CNC control programs that run on a […]